(n.) the company making plant based living a choice.

Founded by Bob Burnquist, one of the most awarded skateboarder in history, and Alex Atala, a World renowned Chef, and supported by a diverse a team that is passionate about healthy lifestyles, Farmaleaf offers plant-based personal care products that can address acute and chronic pain as well as other wellness needs. After years of injuries and medically prescribed drugs that have dangerous side effects and serious risks, Bob was motivated to find healthier alternatives.

As entrepreneurs, sports innovators and eco-pioneers who believe in transformation without compromise, Farmaleaf approaches health and well-being from a sustainable point of view in order to deliver: 

  • High-performance plant-based personal care products
  • Healthful ingredients from the soil to the skin

Our vision is to strengthen nature in order to nurture humanity and our mission is to build a circular, sustainable plant-based business that strengthens the health of the planet while providing consumers with a to live healthy and in return makes the planet healthier.